Vascularised Free Fibular Flap Mandibular Reconstruction

The Mandible is also known as Lower Jaw or Jawbone. It is the largest, strongest and lowest bone in the human face. Mandible forms the lower jaw and its main function is to hold lower teeth in place. Oral Cancer is rapidly increasing in the world due to unhealthy lifestyle. Jaw Bone Cancer is one of the most common Oral Cancer. It leads to the formation of painful lumps on the tissues of the jaw. Smoking and Tobacco are the major causes of Jaw bone cancer.

In most of the Head and Neck cancer surgery, Cancer Surgeon removes the Mandible to avoid further complications. Mandibular Reconstruction is one of the most complex and challenging task for surgeons. Removal of Mandible affects person’s appearance and voice. Hence Mandibular Reconstruction treatment is necessary to bring person’s speech and appearance back.

The Vascularised Free Fibula Flap (VFFF) has become the most popular reconstruction method for segmental Mandibular defect because of adequate bone graft length and acceptance of dental implants. Hence Vascularised Free Fibula Flap procedure is performed for better cosmetic result, speech and swallowing rehabilitation.

Dr Amit Chakraborty is a well experienced, renowned and skillful Cancer Surgeon. He is an expert in the Mandibular Reconstruction procedure. Dr Amit Chakraborty has performed lots of Mandibular Reconstruction treatment by Vascularised Free Fibula Flap method successfully.


Mandibular Reconstruction Goals

Removal of Mandible creates various problems in person’s life such as difficulty in speaking, chewing, swallowing and salivary control. Along with these functional problems, the facial aesthetics also gets damaged. All these issues affect person’s routine life and confidence level. Major goals of Mandibular Reconstruction procedure are:

  • Restoring the continuity of missing bone segment
  • Providing foundation for dental restoration
  • Providing soft tissues for internal lining and external cover
  • Restoring sensate and functioning lower lip with sufficient buccal sulcus.
  • Restoring patient’s appearance and functions of Jaw.

Advantages of Vascularised Free Fibula Flap Mandibular Reconstruction

Vascularised Fibula Flap (VFF) has various benefits such as:

  • Vascularized Fibula Flap heals rapidly and requires shorter period of immobilization.
  • Less chances of Non-union.
  • Greater resistance to infection
  • Less risk of bone resorption.
  • No creeping substitution.
  • High pressure resistance
  • Low complication rates

The Vascularised Fibula Flap (VFF) is the best option for Mandibular Reconstruction treatment because of its adequate bone length. VFF is a boon for Head and Neck cancer patient.

Dr Amit Cancer Care clinic is a well equipped with advanced medical techniques and instruments to perform Mandibular Reconstruction treatment by Vascularised Free Fibula Flap method. Many Oral Cancer patients are living new and happy life after undergoing Vascularised Free Fibula Flap Mandibular Reconstruction treatment by Dr Amit Chakraborty.

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